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The Freedom Center

With an expected groundbreaking in the Spring of 2022, The Freedom Center will be built for the purpose of housing a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center.  This facility is being built, debt-free, through the generous donations of sponsors, partners, and the loving families of Lighthouse Cathedral.


The Lighthouse Memorial Christian Center (LMCC)  is located in the epicenter of communities affected by individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.  Statistics show that our geographical area has the highest percentage of drug addiction cases and, sadly, the lowest source of assistance.  The newly built Freedom Center will be utilized for a need that is crucial to sustainable life for the affected and identified individuals who will receive treatment.  

The impact that The Freedom Center's Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center will have is going to have testimonies that will change lives - - it will save lives!

The fundraising efforts for this facility is well underway and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive, but help is still needed.  

Our fundraising for the building is divided into seven (7) phases:

  • Phase 1 - $15,000 - this funding will allow us to break ground and pour the foundation - PHASE 1 HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!

  • Phase 2 - $80,000 - this was an aggressive phase that was needed to secure the funding for the exterior building materials.  PHASE 2 HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!

  • Phase 3 - $45,000 - is currently in progress.  To date, we have secured approximately $21,000 of that $45,000 goal.  The purpose of this funding will be to provide labor costs for the exterior construction.

  • The outline of Phases 4 through 7 will be disclosed in the near future.

We need your help!  Please join us as we continue to raise the funds needed to construct this facility!  There are too many individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol addictions.  With your help, we can make a difference!  If you would like more information, please contact us.  We can answer any questions you may have and can share updated information about the construction of the facility.

The Freedom Center

The Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center will be located in this facility in an area near to the Lighthouse Cathedral at 810 Fisher Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15210.  The surrounding communities who will benefit from the services offered at the treatment center include Mt. Oliver, Carrick, Allentown, Knoxville, Beltzhoover, Arlington and other surrounding communities.  By partnering with other organizations who share the same goals and objectives, the facility will become a vital resource and hope for recovery.

Freedom Center.jpg

Floor Plans

On the main floor of our beautiful new Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, there will be 6 dedicated rooms that will be used as private treatment rooms.  Those 6 treatment rooms are available to our generous donors for personal dedications.  The 1st floor will include a waiting room and reception area.  The two-story front Foyer will be a dedicated Prayer Tower.  The 2nd floor of the Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center will be designed for additional treatment offices and a dining area where our patients will be offered complimentary healthy meals.

Freedom Center - floor plans.jpg
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