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Lighthouse Memorial Christian Center

As an active and vital community member, Lighthouse Memorial Christian Center (LMCC) is extremely proud of its working initiatives.  In addition to what is listed below, the LMCC physically goes into our neighborhoods and surrounding areas on a weekly basis to evangelize, mentor and bring awareness and assistance to individuals and families who are fearful for their safety and have experienced loss of a loved one due to prevalent crime and gun violence in their community.  

Lighthouse Youth Enrichment Program (LYEP)

LYEP is an after-school program offered Monday through Friday to children ages 3-14.  Students are afforded:

  • A safe learning environment (Homework & Tutoring)

  • Technology Advancement (STEM Programming)

  • Healthy Meals

  • Physical Education (SPARKS/Highmark)

  • Transportation

  • Violence/No Bulling Prevention Programming

  • Self-Esteem Programming

The program serves 50-75 children during the school year and up to 100 children during the summertime

Food Bank Distribution

This program would not exist if it were not for the dedicated time given by our beautiful volunteers and through the partnership with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank Distribution Center

and Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh.

Serving the areas of Mt. Oliver, Carrick, Beltzhoover, Knoxville, Arlington, Arlington Heights, St. Clair and other surrounding communities.

The distribution occurs every 3rd Saturday from 9:30-12:30 pm at Lighthouse Catherdral, 810 Fisher Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15210 

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