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In summary - 

The Lighthouse Memorial Christian Center is taking bold moves to address the needs of our community.  The construction of The Freedom Center, which will house a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, is a powerful and aggressive initiative.  Once completed, this facility will be a driving force for treatment and recovery in the lives of many.  Donors and partnerships are needed to bring this facility to life!  By reaching out to us, we can provide you with more information and answer your questions.  Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!

On a weekly basis, we are marching in the streets and evangelizing to our neighbors and friends affected by drug activity and usage, alcoholism, and constant crime in their areas.  They are desperate for a change!  They are fearful for the safety of their children and for the future of their loved ones.  These situations can be different, they can be solved, but it does not happen quickly or easily.  The devoted mission of the LMCC is one that will never change and will only strength in time!

We are helping to feed the needy and provide a safe place for our children to play and learn.  The values associated with the LYEP has proven to be successful year-after-year.   Every day, we stand proud of what we do, of who we are, and of how we live their lives through the Glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

810 Fisher Street

Pittsburgh, PA  15210


(412) 431-2230


May God Bless You!
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